Train Seat Availability - Indian Railways Website Has All the Information
24.07.2015 09:42
Train Seat Availability

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Enquiring about Indian railways is very easy nowadays ever since the advent of internet. All one needs to have is an internet connection. The seats in any of the train by Indian railways can be checked online through the official websites of the Indian Railways. These website have updated and complete information on all the trains.

Using IRCTC for enquiring about train seat availability

One such website of India railways is IRCTC. To use this site the user has to make an account for logging in and check the train seat availability. To check this he or she may need a few details to enter properly. This includes the station code of the source station, which is the station from where the passenger wishes to board the train. The code of destination station is also required; it is the station where he wishes to finish the journey and the date of journey.

After entering all this information correctly, the website shows a list of trains which are available on that particular day between the mentioned stations. By clicking on the train the website shows the railway seat availability on the different classes of the train. It also shows the fares of each class.

The booking is allowed 120 days in advance by the Railways. This helps the railways to get an idea about the rush of passengers at a particular day and time so they may arrange for other alternatives to book their tickets. The seat availability can be checked through a smart phone also with a good internet 3G or 2G connections.


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