Railway PNR : Extremely Useful While Checking Booking Details
02.09.2015 17:39

The PNR in one of the most widely used term in the travel industry, especially by the railways and the airline. It is considered to be one of the most important details of a passenger while travelling.

The PNR basically stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10 digit number given to the passenger at the time of booking. A passenger is given a PNR number, whether or not the tickets are confirmed.



                                                Railway PNR | Image Resource: blogspot.com

Getting Reservation on Indian Railways is sometimes quite difficult, especially during peak seasons such as festivals or vacations. Trains are often overbooked thus several passengers are kept on waiting list, so that in case on any cancellations, their bookings can get confirmed.

Railway PNR Is An Important Tool While Travelling Through The Railways

The PNR number helps the passengers check their travel details. It also helps them know whether their bookings are confirmed or still on the waiting list. Earlier for this passenger had to repeatedly visit the railways stations but now it can be done easily online.

With the development of technology, passengers can check their Railway PNR with just a click. There are several option to check the PNR status, it can be done easily online though the IRCTC website or though the various online travel portals and also through a simple SMS.

Apart from this the Railway PNR also helps the passengers get updates about other important details such as the arrival and departure timings of the train, seat details etc.


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