Railway Enquiry is Now Possible online Making Things Very Easy And Convenient!
18.09.2015 12:30

                                          Railway Enquiry | Image Resource : jagran.com

Running the huge network efficiently that Indian railways is requires comprehensive logistics detailing and thousands of people working in sync across the country. In order to further ease the process, Indian railways has also gone online and now all information such as availability of trains between any two stations, availability of seat and class of tickets, booking, cancellation of ticket etc is now possible online.

Instead of standing for hours on the platform waiting for your turn to enquire about a train, it can now be done from the comfort of your home. For railway enquiry, simply open the official website of Indian Railways and you can get any information you want – availability of trains between stations, days on which specific trains run, train no, class of tickets available, fare, PNR status, Tatkal , whether current booking of tickets is open for any train number and so on.

Get more than just railway enquiry

You can also log in to your IRCTC account and get availability of trains on days of your journey. You can choose your berth – lower, middle or upper, choose meals if applicable, enter number of passengers, any senior citizen, and age, make payments and book your ticket.

All railway enquiry can now be done online. You can check your booking history, cancel ticket and request refund. Status of your last refund request is also available.

This information can also be accessed through mobile. Indian Railways have gone a long way in making journey by train simple and enjoyable. Travel by train & create fond memories.


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