Know Your Travel Details Through Indian Railways PNR Status
27.10.2015 12:26
Indian Railways PNR Status

                                       Indian Railways PNR Status | Image Resource : fingyan.com

The Indian railway is a major mode of transport in India. It is a one of its kind network which connects the entire country. It is a wide used mode of transport both locally and nationally. The Indian railways are focused on making travelling easy for the commuters they are thereby increasingly adopting new ways to make travelling through railways easy for them.

With several developments taking place in the country, the railways have also undergone several developments. One of the pioneering developments would be the shifting its operations online. Over the recent years the railways have shifted the majority of their operations online through which passenger can easily carried out the necessary tasks online.

This has also allowed the passengers to check their Indian Railways PNR Status online. The PNR is stands for Passenger Name Record as is widely used in the travel industry by airlines and railways. It is a ten digit number which represents the bookings of the passengers.

Indian Railways PNR Status Gives Accurate Information

The PNR number is highly used for passengers who are on the waiting list, the PNR status helps the passengers be aware whether their booking are confirmed or not. To know more about Indian Railways PNR Status on cleartrip.

There are several ways of checking the Indian Railways PNR Status, passengers can check the PNR status online through the IRCTC website or the several travel based portals, it can also be checked through SMS, by simply sending a text message to the toll free railway helpline.


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