Bangalore to Mysore Train - Connects Capital City and Historical City
26.10.2015 17:28

                              Bangalore to Mysore Train | Image Resource : maheshholidays.hpage.co.in

Indian Railway which is the largest network in India and the second largest network in Asia offers plenty of traveling opportunity across the India. Bangalore which is the IT hub of India has several things to offer to its visitors. Hence many travel to this place.

Mysore is just 140 kilometers away from Bangalore and it is a good city that offers several historical places and palaces and sightseeing options for the visitors. Moreover, it is one of the best tourist destinations where millions of international tourist visits this place. Nonetheless, this suburban city depend the capital city for several things such as trade, education, and health. Hence it is easy for the visitors can find Bangalore to Mysore train. 

Bangalore Mysore Train Timings  

The tourists can find an aura of serenity and tranquility in Mysore and the picturesque beauty is aw-inspiring. The calmness and peacefulness of this place engulfs any visitors and the visitors feel rejuvenated in the city of Mysore. Hence plenty of people travel from capital city to Mysore for vacation and hence the visitors can find Bangalore Mysore train in every couple of hours. 

The train takes only 3 ½ hours to reach Mysore from Bangalore. Some express trains such as Shatabdi takes on 2 hours to reach Mysore from Bangalore while the passenger train takes 4 hours to reach the destination. The passengers can find more than 26 trains between these stations. The first train from Bangalore to Mysore at 4 am and the last trains is at 11.30 Pm at night.


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